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The Reed Brothers

Alan Sibley
Mississippi native, Alan Sibley began his career in music playing mandolin with the Legendary First Family of Bluegrass Gospel “The Sullivan Family” in 2001 at the age of fifteen. During the first four years of his musical career Sibley toured almost continuously and played Bluegrass Gospel music in thirty states. After leaving “The Sullivan Family” Sibley worked with two of the Deep South’s more prominent bluegrass bands, “The Larry Wallace Band” and “Jerry & Tammy Sullivan”. After seven years of being a sideman in other groups Sibley decided to form his own band. With musical roots deep in Bluegrass and Gospel music, Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers have performed across the United States since 2008.

Shank & Maim

Shank & Maim is a two man grunge blues band created in 2017 by brothers-in-law Mark Threet and Louisville native Caleb Childs. Inspired by the driving grunge sound produced by former Starkville duo The Waco Dead (who are rumored to be Shank & Maim from the future), Shank & Maim formed from members of Starkville band Sipsy Fires. The brothers stand out from the crowd with their technique of playing up to 7 instruments on stage simultaneously, creating a whirlwind of spirit and sound which conjures a feeling that one fan could only describe as "being lost in the woods behind a juke joint." Along with their original music, Shank & Maim create a unique listening experience using an approach known as "Shanking & Maiming," which blends melodies, rhythms, and vocals from multiple songs by other artists into one, allowing for a seamless transition between many different genres and musical styles while maintaining a cohesive and balanced sound that is accessible and relatable to listeners.

Music Makers Presents: Shank and Maim from MSU Television Center on Vimeo.

Clay Mercer

Tracy McCully
Tracy is a local vocal artist who has been performing gospel, contemporary gospel, country and light rock since childhood. From her early days with the band Gold Rush and recordings at Mussel Shoals, Alabama to local festivals, gospel singings and patriotic events, Tracy brings a wide array of music to the Festival. If you want old country classics and heartfelt vocals don't miss the tribute to our Veterans!!

Chuck Luke

Chuck Luke from Scooba by way of Preston, Ms is a self taught musician, songwriter who sings from the heart!!

Estes Switch

The Wells Gospel Quartet

Chunky Bluegrass

Allen Winters - Native American Flutist

Wes Stapp and Ken Sanders

Jeanne Jones & Friends

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